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Fundraisers During Time of School Closure

How should fundraisers be modified during periods of school closure? Chandler School District has issued guidance regarding fundraising efforts.  Per this guidance, fundraising should focus on electronic or online communication and sales, since in-person fundraising cannot occur on school grounds until school resumes.  Options include those mentioned in Michelle Dexter’s Best Practices article, such as online crowdfunding (or check-a-thon drives), online spirit wear sales, or modified restaurant nights that involve gift cards or take-out or delivery orders

At this point, PTO and booster clubs may also continue planning normal fundraising events to be resumed once in-person school starts, with the understanding that plans may need to be adapted as restrictions and/or requirements change according to CDC and/or District guidelines.

Regardless of the type of fundraiser, fundraiser approval forms are required to be submitted for site administrator approval.  If fundraisers involve students in addition to PTO and booster parent volunteers, then the fundraisers must also be approved at the CUSD District Office level.  You must also submit a COVID-19 plan with each approval form, explaining how CDC guidelines will be followed in any situation where a fundraiser is not completely online and would involve any gathering of students or adults.  For example, if an online sale does not involve direct shipment of product to the buyer, you must describe the product distribution process and how proper social distancing, sanitation and other CDC guidelines would be followed.

See fundraiser guidance and approval forms at