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Matching Gifts

If my PTO or booster club receives donations through Benevity, Cybergrants, YourCause or other matching gift companies, how do the funds get credited to my PTO or booster account? Upon receipt and deposit of checks from Benevity or other corporate matching gift companies, Administrative Assistant Erin Northroup reviews accompanying documentation to determine the allocations for the donations.   

  • For groups which do not currently participate in centralized accounting, checks are issued at least monthly to the respective PTO or booster groups.  Checks are generally sent through district inter-office mail to the elementary and junior high sites and directed to the PTO or booster groups.  Some sites opt to place interoffice mail in a designated location for PTOs and boosters.  We attempt to notify groups in advance of checks being sent so that officers know to watch for the checks.  For high school booster clubs, we have begun to notify officers that checks are ready and offer the option to pick up the checks at the district office or have the checks mailed to the treasurer. 
  • For centralized accounting groups, matching gift donation revenue for the respective groups is credited in the QuickBooks general ledger at least monthly.

Sometimes matching gifts intended for a PTO or booster club is received and deposited by my school.  Is there anything special I need to do to make sure my PTO or booster club receives the funds instead? Whenever you are soliciting matching gifts, please make sure your donors/parents/volunteers are aware that Benevity and other matching gift companies may have BOTH a Chandler School Booster, Inc. account set up as well as accounts for the Chandler School District.  These companies generally allow “projects” to be set up under the CSB or the district to help donors specify which school site or club/team should receive the money.  It is very important to encourage your donors/parents/volunteers to choose the Chandler School Booster option and then further specify the project, site or club so that the funds can be properly directed when received by the CSB.

If a donor gives me a confirmation email which requires that someone log in to Benevity, Cybergrants, YourCause or other matching gift company to further confirm, verify or accept the donation, should I do that or is that the responsibility of Erin Northroup? Confirming, verifying and accepting donations is the sole responsibility of Erin Northroup.  She is the designated manager and administrator for all matching gifts.  If you receive a donor confirmation email, please forward it to Erin so that she can perform the necessary steps required in the confirmation email.

Why is it important that Erin Northroup confirms, verifies and accepts all matching gifts, rather than someone from the PTO or booster club? Erin has been designated by the CSB Board to manage the CSB’s matching gift program as the sole administrator for Benevity, Cybergrants, YourCause and other matching gift companies.  These companies only allow a single administrator, but unfortunately, they lack sufficient controls to limit changes to administrator logins, and they do not require any proof or documentation to make such changes.  Therefore, individual PTO or booster officers have been able to remove Erin and add themselves as the administrator, with their own password.  Under no circumstances should a PTO or booster officer list themselves as the administrator for Benevity, Cybergrants, YourCause or any other matching gift companies, as this precludes Erin from accepting gifts on behalf of the other 140-plus member groups.