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The President position is often the most intimidating (except for possibly the Treasurer position).  While volunteering to be President can be more time consuming then some of the other positions, our Presidents should not be overwhelmed with work all year (or season) long. 

 A few things we all need to remember about the President’s duties:

  1. The President is often the face of the PTO, so communication skills are important.  They are the one to preside at general and executive meetings, they are the liaison between the principal/coach and board/general members, and they tend to be the person everyone else either thanks, or holds accountable.  Presidents, be sure to communicate with your Board information they should know and any issues that you are concerned about.
  2. The President cannot be, and should not be, a one man/woman show.  They need to coordinate, delegate, and supervise the work, not do it all themselves.  Whether you are using sign up genius or asking people directly for help, you should not be doing every task yourself or you will burn out.  If there are not enough volunteers to make an event successful, the President has the power to cancel the event.  Do not try to make it happen alone.  If others do not find it worthy of volunteering for, maybe it is not worthy of doing.
  3. The President can be creative, but does not need to reinvent every event.  If your organization has historically been successful with an event, keep doing it.  The Board may be able to improve the event with slight adjustments or tweaks, but do not waste your energy revamping something that is not broken.  The President has plenty of other tasks to keep busy, including replacing activities that have not been successful.
  4. Finally, the President is responsible for making sure the organization’s by-laws are followed.  Rules are rules and someone needs to be aware of them so your organization remains in compliance.

Thank you to all the Presidents in the CSB.  Your role as President enables our students, principals, coaches, and teachers to have the supplies, tools, and events needed to make each school year successful.