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2nd Semester Planning

You’ve survived the holidays and a busy first semester, but as you look ahead to second semester and end of school activities, you may be wondering where you’ll find the resources and volunteers to have another successful semester.

First, it is not too early to start thinking of those events that will not happen until the 4th quarter.  If you have not chosen your teacher appreciation or end of season banquet theme (or theme for another event), figure it out now.  You do not need to iron out all the details, just find a theme everyone can get excited about.

Once you have a theme, see if you can break the event into small tasks.  Food, decorations, gifts, etc.  Break down as far as you can go without making it overly complicated.  More specific tasks can be filled in later.  If your event is one day, food can be its own task.  If the event is over several days, food may be broken down into a task for each day.

Once you have a general breakdown of the event tasks, start recruiting people to take the lead on those tasks.  Give them general guidance, but the freedom to make it their own.  Yes, you’ll want someone who oversees everyone else’s duties, but you should have more luck having three people to take on smaller tasks than finding one person to take it all on.

During the next few months you can brainstorm more ideas related to your theme and start to gather theme related goods that will make your event look well thought out.   Encourage each person to recruit their own team to assist with their task.  The person who oversees the event should check in regularly with the task leaders to make sure plans are being made, are within budget, and are on schedule.

Finally, many businesses reset their budgets in January.  Now is a great time to seek donations for events this semester.  Whether you receive a donation of a gift card you’ll use as a teacher gift or to purchase needed supplies, start now before the donations budget for your favorite local store has been expended.

Thank you for all you do!  Our school community benefits from the volunteer hours and money provided through CSB PTOs and Boosters.